Frequently Asked Questions
Required Documents

Return Submission under GST
RS.1,500/- per Return and onwards*

--  Monthly returns are required to be filled in all cases except dealers who has opted for Quarterly Returns and composition dealers.
--  Download the Formats to send the details for Returns.
--  Clarification or additional information will be called on by Mail, if required to finalise the Return.
--  Computation of Taxes will be mailed for Tax Payment.
--  Send the paid Challan copy by mail.
--  The Return will be prepared in the Department's format online and for the same, you need to share the User Name and Password.
--  The duly validated Return with ready to upload format will be mailed to you, if uploading is to be done by you; or
--  The Return will be mailed to you for your approval, and
--  on approval, the Return will be uploaded on your behalf.


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As the Returns are required to be uploaded on the Department's website using User Name and Password, you need to share the User Name and Password or the file generated will be mailed to you and you need to login and upload the same return on the Government's website.


 * The Subscription Charges are payable on yearly basis. The charges shown above are per Return for calculation of yearly charges only.